Judit Ringwald interpreter

As a professional interpreter I can support you to overcome any language barriers for successful communication.

When do we need an interpreter?

Interpreters are employed not only by those who do not speak the language.

As a professional interpreter I am familiar with the technical terms of the given interpreting event.

I adopt my use of language to my client, to the event and any other circumstances. All these guarantee smooth and successful communication.

Besides the support to overcome language barriers the interpreter can contribute to the success of the event in several ways:

How can I help ?

Do not be at a disadvantage!

Interpreting gives all the participants the opportunity to listen to other speakers and to actively participate in the communication in their native tongue. No participant should be at a disadvantage due to the lack of the necessary language competence.

Let us avoid misunderstandings!

With the support of an interpreter you can avoid potential misunderstandings that could jeopardise the success of the event. Even professionals with a high command of English can face challenges since a language is a very complex system.

Be a successful communicator!

A high number of seasoned professionals find it difficult to speak in public. The interpreter is a professional communicator and can facilitate a smooth, well-structured, and enjoyable communication for all participants.

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